Famous ISTJs


Duke of Wellington

Arthur Wellington

'The Duke of Wellington' - U.K. Prime Minister and general

Wellington: "Whatever enthusiasm [an army feels is] the result of the example set [by] the head of the army."

Wellington: "The word of an English officer is a sure guarantee."

[Explaining why he broke with Britain's Spanish allies:]
Wellington: "They are really children. ... I cannot say that they do anything as it ought to be done."

[Responding to accusations against him:]
Wellington: "I [trust that the issue] will not be made the subject of that vague and general sort of discussion which sometimes takes place ... but that every fact will be fully and fairly sifted."


George Washington

George Washington

U.S. President and general

Washington: "Happiness and moral duty are inseparably connected."

Washington: "Labor to keep alive in your breast that little spark of celestial fire called conscience."

[Admonishing his unpaid soldiers not to rise up against Congress:]
Washington: "You will not do it. You will give one more distinguished proof of patriotism and patient virtue, rising superior to suffering."

Kelley L. Ross: "[Washington] was resolute and brave in action, moderate and restrained in his judgment, yet ... ferocious in his rare anger."

Richard Brookhiser: "[Washington had won] a war for independence and then gone home. [He embodied] the legend of the Roman who returned to his plow after saving his country."

Keirsey & son identify Washington as ESTJ.


Dwight D Eisenhower

Dwight D. Eisenhower

U.S. President (R) and general

[On leading the U.S. Army during WW2:]
Eisenhower: "This is a long tough road we have to travel. ... Fake reputations, habits of glib, clever speech, and glittering surface performance are going to be discovered."

Eisenhower: "[Children should contribute] to a family's essential survival and happiness. [In] an urban society, children are ... robbed of the opportunity to do genuinely responsible work."

David M. Oshinsky: "Eisenhower could get diverse factions to work toward a common goal. ... Leadership, he explained, meant patience."

Steven J. Rubenzer: "Eisenhower is the only modern president much like Washington."

Keirsey & son identify Eisenhower as INTJ.

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Emperor of Rome, adoptive son of Julius Caesar

Augustus: "Festina lente."
("Make haste slowly.")

Augustus: "We must plan for our lasting preservation rather than for our temporary pleasure."

Karl Loewenstein: "[He had] unlimited capacity to work; a meticulous attention to detail [and] careful preparation."

Karl Loewenstein: "[He conducted] his government with hard-headed realism and practical common sense ... free from romantic illusions or mysticism."

Zvi Yavetz: "[Augustus] was amazed that Alexander showed no respect for the ... routine of daily management."

Zvi Yavetz: "[Augustus had] tact ... patience, and moderation ... qualities that were [absent] in Julius Caesar."


Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett

Super-investor and author

Buffett: "There is no formula to figure [value] out. You have to know the business [and the company] has to be run by honest and able people."

Buffett: "[When investing on the stock exchange] what you need is the temperament to control the urges that get other people into trouble."

Buffett: "I've reluctantly discarded the notion of my continuing to manage [my stock] portfolio after my death - abandoning my hope to give new meaning to the term 'thinking outside the box.'"

Bill Gates: "Warren's framework has been [consistent for 40 years] he has always looked at the world in terms of integrity."

Keirsey & son identify Buffett as ISTJ.

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Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos

Founder of Amazon

Bezos: "A company shouldn't get addicted to being shiny, because shiny doesn't last."

Bezos: "We are an appropriate company only for long-term-oriented investors."

Bezos: "As Warren Buffett says [if you take] a long-term approach ... you get the shareholders you deserve."

Bezos: "I'd rather interview 50 people and not hire anyone than hire the wrong person."

Alan Deutschman: "[He wants to] base all decisions on data, not ... instinct."

Robert Hof: "He often plunges into minute details himself."


Ingvar Kamprad

Ingvar Kamprad

Founder of IKEA

Kamprad: "Be thankful to those who are the pillars of our society! Those simple, quiet, taken-for-granted people who ... do their duty and shoulder their responsibility without being noticed."

Kamprad: "The aim [of IKEA] is to reach a good result in the long term."

[Asked about his extreme frugality:]
Kamprad: "If I start to acquire luxurious things then this will only incite others to follow suit. It's important that leaders set an example."

The Age Magazine: "IKEA's [morals extend] to the customer. Whether you like it or not, [they] teach you the value of good, honest, simple, hard work. Self-assembly ... is more than a cost-cutting measure: [To them] it's a tool ... to make you sweat for your own edification."


Stonewall Jackson

Stonewall Jackson

U.S. Civil War general

Jackson: "It is important that those at headquarters set an example by remaining [on] duty. If all our troops, officers, and men were [constantly] at their posts, we might ... expect a more speedy termination of the war."

Jackson: "It is not desirable to have a large number of intimate friends. You may have many acquaintances, but few intimate friends."

Jackson: "I like liquor - its taste and its effects - and that is just the reason why I never drink it."

Jackson: "I am obliged to sweat [my men] tonight, so that I may save their blood tomorrow."

Jackson: "Let your conduct have uniformity: Temperance, silence and order."


Thomas Hobbes

Thomas Hobbes


Hobbes: "During times where men live without a great power to keep them all in awe, they are in a war of every man, against every man."

Hobbes: "By how much one man has more experience of things past, than another, by so much also he is more prudent, and his expectations the seldomer fail him."

Hobbes: "He that has most experience [is] so much more prudent than he that is new, as not to be equalled by any advantage of natural and extemporary wit: though many young men think the contrary."

Keirsey & son identify Hobbes as ISTJ.


Sigmund Freud

Sigmund Freud

Psychoanalyst, mentor of Jung and Adler

Freud: "My love is something valuable to me which I ought not to throw away without reflection. ... If I love someone, they must deserve it."

C.G. Jung: "I came to Freud for facts. I read 'The Interpretation of Dreams' and I thought: 'Oh, here is a man who is not just theorizing away, here is a man who has got facts.'"

Albert Einstein: "[Freud's] sense of reality is less clouded by wishful thinking than is the case with other people and [he combines] the qualities of critical judgment, earnestness and responsibility."


Martin Heidegger

Martin Heidegger

Philosopher, student of Husserl, dated Hannah Arendt

Heidegger: "Only where leader and led together bind each other in one destiny ... does true order grow."

Heidegger: "Spiritual superiority [consists in] deep dedication ... in the form of the most rigorous training, as commitment, resistance, solitude, and love."

Heidegger: "A man's first bond is that which ties him into the national community."

Heidegger: "I take great pleasure, every day, in seeing my work deeply rooted in our native soil."

Von Franz identifies Heidegger as I-TP.

Van der Hoop identifies Heidegger as IN-J.

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Frederick the Great

Frederick the Great

King of Prussia, student of Voltaire

Frederick: "Pay the most particular attention to the exact execution of ... duty."

Frederick: "Never imagine a thing to be done as long as it is not actually done."

Frederick: "[A general must physically be] at the head of the army, to set an example."

Frederick: "[If I love a thing] I must take care not to praise it before praise is deserved."

David Fraser: "He personally commanded his army in war after war with such supreme skill that he became acclaimed as the greatest soldier of his time."

[Visiting Frederick's tomb after having conquered Prussia:]
Napoleon: "Gentlemen, if this man were still alive, I would not be here."


Richard Nixon

Richard Nixon

U.S. President (R)

Nixon: "I never say something I cannot do. And I always will do more than I can say."

Nixon: "To me, the most unhappy people in the world are the people ... in Palm Beach: Going to parties every night. Playing golf every afternoon, then bridge. [They have] no purpose."

John F. Kennedy: "Nixon is not an extrovert."

Nixon identifies himself as an introvert.

Keirsey & son identify Nixon as ESTJ.

The American Psychological Association identifies Nixon as an introvert.

In 1926 Nixon's IQ was tested to be 143 on the Otis intelligence test.

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Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel

Chancellor of Germany

Merkel: "I am courageous at the decisive moment. But I need a good deal of start-up time, and I try to take as much as possible into consideration beforehand."

Time Magazine: "She has won [praise] not by [friendliness] but by a quiet, no-frills stress on competence."

Daily Mail: "She is always better informed than anyone else."

Lothar de Maiziere: "She [is] so precise, with ... an eye for detail."

Newsweek: "She [has a] sober approach: If in doubt, stick to the rules."


Joseph Ratzinger

Joseph Ratzinger


Ratzinger: "[I am not] one of those thoughtless people who always uncritically accept what is new as necessarily better."

Ratzinger: "Belief [is] the risky enterprise of accepting what cannot be seen as the truly real."

Ratzinger: "Belief [demands that we] accept [what is] eternally valid. And that [is not fashionable] in an age when the idea of 'tradition' has been replaced by the idea of 'progress.'"

Ratzinger: "The church needs to withstand the tides of trends and the latest novelties."


Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Critic of Islam and writer, married to Niall Ferguson

Ali: "I judge. I would like us to judge. I would like us to say: One religion is better than the other. One culture is better than the other. One idea is better than the other."

Ali: "I confront the [intellectual] elite's self-image as tolerant while [right] under their noses women are living like slaves."

Ali: "I feel this obligation. ... I think that I can't just lie around ... and enjoy a life of Western progress and at the same time keep quiet about what is not right."

Ali: "Judged by our standards, Muhammad is a pervert."

Ali: "Christopher Hitchens was a dear friend [of mine] and a man who lived for the mind."

Keirsey & son identify Ali as INTJ.




Greek historian and soldier, student of Socrates

Xenophon: "For the good man, there is nothing better than owning an estate and tending to it, properly."

Xenophon: "To neglect a detail ... is surely to neglect oneself; since in the hour of danger, one's life will depend on it."

Xenophon: "Whatever you determine to be the right thing to do, endeavor to perform it with diligence."

Robin Waterfield: "[To Xenophon] self-discipline is important not just for itself, but because it enables a person not to be distracted by his appetites from doing his duty."

Robin Waterfield: "He is a quiet thinker; he doesn't trumpet his views, but a great deal of careful thought underpins his work."


Karl Doenitz

Karl Doenitz

Grand Admiral to Nazi Germany

Doenitz: "I was fascinated by the [operation] of a U-boat ... where every single man was an indispensable part of the whole. Every submariner, I am sure, has experienced in his heart [the joy of] the task entrusted to him [and] felt as rich as a king."

Doenitz: "Only ... from personal experience [can a man] take the necessary measures without a preliminary process of trial and error."

[On accepting the role as Hitler's successor:]
Doenitz: "I realized ... that my name would remain forever associated with the act and that [the hateful] distortion of facts would ... besmirch my honor. But duty demanded that I pay no attention to any such considerations."

The Guardian: "He possesses an effortless mastery of detail."

At the Nuremberg Trials, Doenitz's IQ was tested to be 138.

At the Nuremberg Trials, Doenitz's results on the Rorschach test suggest he was a T type.

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Erich von Manstein

Erich von Manstein

World War II Field Marshal

Manstein: "As for the tendency to deride the many different badges and [medals] created in the course of the war, people should merely bear in mind what feats our soldiers accomplished."

Manstein: "[Medals should be] worn with pride."

Manstein: "What Hitler lacked ... was military experience based on experience - something for which his 'intuition' was no substitute."

Manstein: "While Hitler ... had an eye for any tactical opportunity [that] was offered him, he still lacked the ability to assess [the] practicality of a plan."

Hans-Georg Krebs: "To [Manstein] Hitler was the ignorant little lance corporal. ... To [Manstein] it was a heavy blow that this man was now in charge of Germany's military."

Erwin Rommel: "Manstein is a man of illusions. ... He believes Hitler will listen to facts."

ISTJs in popular culture


Robert de Niro

Robert De Niro


De Niro: "You don't just play a part. You've got to earn the right to play it."

De Niro: "As a kid I didn't root for the bad guys. I certainly know the difference between right and wrong."

De Niro: "The hardest thing about being famous is that ... in a conversation everybody's agreeing with what you're saying. ... You need people who can tell you what you don't want to hear."

Matt Damon: "He's famous for being obsessive about details."


Sean Connery

Sean Connery


Connery: "[James Bond's qualities of] self-containment, his powers of decision, his ability to carry on through till the end and to survive ... I like to think I acquired them before Bond."

Connery: "Ever since the introduction of psychoanalysis there have been too many terms to excuse behavior and phrases that can be [used] to explain everything."

Tom Clancy: "Sean Connery was a most agreeable gentleman. ... I was most impressed with him. Good guy." [Upon meeting Connery in 1989.]


Christopher Lee

Christopher Lee


Lee: "We live in an age of decline. Look at the world. There is decline in morals, ideals, manners, respect ... just about everything, in fact."

Lee: "The problem today ... is that there are ... very young men and women ... playing very large parts in huge films and they simply ... don't have the ... experience ... to pull if off."

Lee: "[Retirement] is not for me. I hate being idle."

Lee: "I don't say things to the press that aren't true. It [does not] happen ... with me."

Lee: "[When I played Dracula it was] the only time [someone portrayed] the character exactly as Bram Stoker described him."


Elizabeth II

Elizabeth II

Queen of England, mother of Prince Charles

Elizabeth: "There is nothing quite like the family gathering in familiar surroundings [and] in the traditional atmosphere of love and happiness that springs from the enjoyment of simple well-tried things."

Elizabeth: "Many grave problems and difficulties confront us all, but with a new faith in the old ... beliefs given us by our forefathers ... I know we shall be worthy of our duty."

Christopher Hitchens: "I will [grudgingly] admit that the present queen of England is a person of ... integrity."

Keirsey & son identify Elizabeth as ISTJ.

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Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman


Portman: "I'd rather be smart than a movie star."

Portman: "I always liked school."

Portman: "[As a child] I was good at working with adults."

Portman: "I had a fashion designer tell me that when I wear a dress of his, it sells out across the country. ... It made me sad, because I want to be an influence in ways other than by [wearing] a pretty dress."

Portman: "I don't mean to criticize anyone. ... I think people should have fun, and have a good time, and enjoy the luck that we have to be lazy and dwell in consumerism. But ... it's a balance. ... I just think it's an important thing to engage in the world."


Jamie Hyneman

Jamie Hyneman

Host of 'MythBusters' along with Adam Savage

Hyneman: "Take ... responsibility for yourself. ... Self responsibility is a big, big thing as far as being able to maintain ethical behavior goes."

Hyneman: "I had no ambition to be on stage. As a person, I pretty much am who I seem to be on television; I'm a little bit deadpan."

Hyneman: "I don't want an average person making important decisions. ... People who are in charge of making decisions [should] have some credentials for being given the responsibility. If you want to drive a car, you need a driver's license."

Blast Magazine: "Jamie has a calm, no-nonsense attitude, and a tendency to grumble at anything he considers silly or unnecessary."


Rivers Cuomo

Rivers Cuomo


Cuomo: "I believe in finishing what I started."

Cuomo: "[While] I like to explore new territory, deep down there's a piece of me that stays pretty consistent."

Cuomo: "I really am a homebody. I like having a wife and a kid and coming home every day for dinner and doing [household] tasks."

Cuomo: "I [did not] set out to do a fun band. [I am] really serious [about my music] and somehow that works."

Rolling Stone: "[He maintains] an elaborate ... spreadsheet that catalogs all the songs he's written. [Presenting it] he seems more excited about the spreadsheet than the prolificacy it documents."

Gavin Edwards: "He [comes across] more like an engineer than the lead singer of a band."


Danica McKellar

Danica McKellar

Actress and author of math textbooks aimed at girls

McKellar: "I want to give girls a positive role model when it comes to being smart."

McKellar: "Almost every single section [in my books] has a real-life application. ... [I'm] putting girls in situations that they might actually experience in their lives."

About ISTJs

  • Thorough and responsible administrators
  • Strongly linked to the Compulsive personality
  • Somewhat linked to the Schizoid personality
  • More common in men than in women
  • Repress their Extroverted Intuition function, meaning they sometimes resist change and view ingenuity with skepticism

ISTJ Functions


1. Dominant:

Introverted Sensing

2. Auxiliary:

Extroverted Thinking

3. Tertiary:

Introverted Feeling

4. Inferior:

Extroverted Intuition

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