Another Look at INFJ

The purpose of the 'Another Look' series is to offer in-depth looks at type that are not found anywhere else online - advanced insights that lie beyond the basic material that is offered on a wealth of online sites.

In 'Another Look at INFJ', CelebrityTypes guest writer Jesse Gerroir offers a 10 page long 'whole type' perspective on the INFJ personality type that circumvents the one-sided descriptions of the INFJ type available elsewhere in order to bring new and hitherto undescribed features of the INFJ to the attention of the reader. Gerroir also explores the sensing and thinking side of the INFJ type and effectively contrasts the INFJ with its introverted intuitive cousin, the INTJ. The result is one of the most comprehensive and advanced descriptions of the INFJ type available anywhere, either offline or online.

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