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Hussein: "[I am] just, but benevolent. [I] love my people and my nation. I am straightforward, and I don't double-cross or deceive."

Hussein: "Blood is cheap in hard times."

Hussein: "Anyone who wishes to have the right to criticize should [have a record of] distinguished performance of his everyday work. Otherwise, he would not deserve such a privilege."

[Addressing the famine in his country:]
Hussein: "I have heard it said, 'Why not concentrate on [producing] food rather than ... cities, mosques, dams, and factories?' My reply is that ... food should not be a motivation to work."

[Addressing the American public:]
Hussein: "Don't you in America wonder how this situation [between Iraq and Kuwait] is different from that in Panama and Grenada? ... On the one hand, armies are dispatched to Iraq because [of] Kuwait; and on the other hand, the U.S. intervention in Grenada and Panama is considered ... legitimate."

Saddam Hussein

Hussein: "Before Bush [senior] involves the United States in [Iraq] he should ... consult with people who might be able to give him accurate and correct information on the region and the background of the issue."

Hussein: "Although my regime is bloody, people will feel happy due to the economic growth."

Hussein: "The framework [I] follow is that [when I] need a minister, I will not appoint someone I don't know. ... It is my responsibility, my minister, so I should know him."

[FBI Interrogator:] "[When I pressed him on his son Uday's record of rape and murder] he told me to stop. [He said]: 'You don't get to pick your kids. You're stuck with what you get.'"

[FBI Interrogator:] "He considered Bin Laden to be a fanatic and as such was very wary of him. He told me you can't really trust fanatics."

Efraim Karsh: "That Saddam Hussein was a man of action rather than of letters, an operator rather than an intellectual, was evident from his earliest days of political activity."

Efraim Karsh: "The Iraqi President's legend, glorified in numerous publications, television programs and even a movie, [emphasized his] patriotism, courage, manliness [and] iron discipline."

Kofi Annan: "He is ... well-informed... and decisive."

Der Spiegel: "One of his favorite books was 'The Old Man and The Sea', but his [own] style could not be mistaken for Hemingway."

Joseph Sassoon: "Printed forms were the essential method for documenting, administering, and controlling ... during the decades of [Saddam's] rule."

[His landlord as a youth:] "He was honest and clever but on the intellectual level, one cannot think of him as profound."

Donald Rumsfeld: "This is a man I can work with."

George W. Bush: "[He is] a Hitler revisited."

Saddam Hussein