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J.H. Van der Hoop

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"CelebrityTypes is the best. Fact-based, purist, and professional."
      - Harris B.

"The quality of work that this site produces on a consistent basis is very high. It isn't just YAFTS (Yet Another Fricking Typing Site) - it's typology, but given at a different angle, with plenty of original insights and solid explanations in each post. I love devouring it."
      - Kenneth B.

"I would rather go here than to other typology sites. The admins know their stuff and aren't haughty about it."
      - Jacob Y.

"This site really follows Jung's typology and not just some random internet take on typology."
      - Thomas M.K.

"I find your typing more accurate than other sites. You guys set the gold standard."
      - Jonathan W.

"I'm pleasantly surprised to find that your members content is just as good as the rest. It's like discovering the site all over again."
      - Lynda S.

"I appreciate the site and I would like to thank the administration for opening itself up to input and argument from visitors."
      - Stephen P.

"Your 'Another Look' series are the best type descriptions I have ever seen!"
      - Matthew D.

"We're really impressed with your website."
      - The Washington Post

"We like the lists you have ... absolutely well thought out. ... You have done a stand up job with the 'process' and the content is solid."
      - University of Massachusetts